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Vandens pompa N-RMC 12000
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Vandens pompa N-RMC 12000
Vandens pompa N-RMC 12000
Gamintojas: AQUANOVA
Prekės kodas: Vandens pompa N-RMC 12000
Prekė jau įsigijo: 1834 kartus
Ar turime: Sandėlyje
Kaina: 159.00€
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N-RMC 12000


 Aquarium pump  12 000 L/H , 80W with controller Hmax 6.0m


Aqua Nova Circulation pump with flow controller
- The pump is equipped with energy efficient new generation technology motor, allowing for even lower power consumption while maintaining high performance pump output. 
- The pumps come with Ceramic motor shaft,  which inturn extends pump life, and also do not rust in saltwater aquariums. They are easy to change if needs be.
- The Pumps are designed for indoor aquariums, sumps, filter units and of course are very quite whilst in operation and are low in vibration, which is vital in sumps to avoid cracking of glass or movement.
- The pumps come with a controller, that allows you to adjust the pump capacity ( so increase or decrease the flow/output), and also there is a  "FEED" mode, which is of course for when you want to feed your fish or other marine creatures. When activated the pump switches off for 10 minutes after which the pump starts again automatically. This allows you to quickly activate the "FEED" option, fees your fish and leave the aquarium unattended, whilst know it will switch back on its self.
Service in Poland, 2 year protection guarantee and professional after sales service.
Contains 9-language instruction manual.

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