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Fluval FX5 / FX6 Bio-Foam
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Fluval FX5 / FX6 Bio-Foam
Prekės kodas: Fluval FX5 / FX6 Bio-Foam
Prekė jau įsigijo: 1174 kartus
Ar turime: Sandėlyje
Kaina: 5.99€
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* Supplemental filter media for Fluval FX5 & FX6 Canister Filters
* Extra mechanical & biological filtration keeps herptile tanks cleaner
* Traps small debris & supports nitrifying bacteria in aquatic herptile habitats

Fluval Bio Foam Pads are specially designed for Fluval FX5/6 High Performance Canister Filters. 

Keep aquatic herptile habitats healthier with a mechanical AND biological filtration boost. Fluval Bio-Foam for Fluval Multi-Stage Canister Filter improves canister filter performance with supplemental mechanical and biological filtration. Unique "3-Dimensional" media features a pore structure that increases surface area for nitrifying bacterial to colonize. More beneficial bacteria means more efficient breakdown of toxic ammonia and nitrate. Bio-Foam enhances mechanical filtration by effectively trapping smaller particles and debris with its distinctly shaped design. Great for improving and maintaining water quality and clarity in turtle tanks, paludariums, aquatic terrariums or any aquatic reptile setups.

General Guidelines
Filtration always begins with a mechanical stage of waste particle removal as water flows through various foam screens and continues with subsequent biological and chemical stages as it flows through the media in the baskets.

Use mechanical filter media in the first stage of filtration. This helps ensure that the water will be as free of debris as possible when it flows through biological and/or chemical filter media, which require clear water for maximum effectiveness.

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