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GT essentials - Mineral Healthy liquid
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GT essentials - Mineral Healthy liquid
Prekės kodas: GT essentials - Mineral Healthy liquid
Prekė jau įsigijo: 1949 kartus
Ar turime: Sandėlyje
Kaina: 6.99€
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GT essentials® - Mineral Healthy liquid, 250 ml, 1000ml 

Mineral Healthy Liquid is a clay mineral dissolved in ultrapure water with a unique mineral composition. 
This clay mineral has an extraordinary spectrum of activity.

  • Binds various harmful bacteria and parasites in the dwarf shrimp intestine and prevents it from entering the shrimp via the intestine.
  • Bind contaminants in the intestine of the dwarf shrimp before they can penetrate the intestinal barrier
  • Binding of endo- and mycotoxins prevents the weakening of the immune system. Relieving the immune system increases agility and performance
  • Improves the colors of shrimp
  • Pollutant binding in the water due to extremely large surface structure of the particles, improves the water quality.
  • Minerals supply of aquatic animals as well as eg snails which convert these into the housing construction

target species 
Dwarf shrimps, pygmy crabs, crabs, snails, crabs and fish 

normal dosage 
Daily a pumping stroke to 30 liters of aquarium water (a pumping stroke is equivalent to about 2.5 ml). 
Note: Before use: Turn the bottle top to the right and lock. Shake the bottle vigorously for at least 20 seconds 

Dosage for problematic pools 
In problem basins, the dosage can be increased up to three times the normal dose.

An overdose is completely harmless, however, mineral healthy will possibly settle in the filter medium and the necessary cleaning intervals increase. 

Shape and color 
Shape: liquid 
Color: light gray 

Content: 250 ml 
(Bottle contains 15g GT essentials mineral healthy ) 

Normal dosage: 3000 liters 
Problem basin dosage: 1000 liters 

Mineral composition 
Humidity: = 2 TM% H2O, hygroscopic 

Mineralogical composition 
Layer minerals 75%, of which: 
35% Na montmorillonite / illite, swellable 
30% illite / muscovite 
10% kaolin 

Framework silicates: 
20% quartz 

<1% carbonates 
<1% sulfides

Chemical composition 
23.0% silicon (Si) 
9.6% aluminum (Al) 
3.8% iron (Fe) 
0.9% magnesium (Mg) 
0.2% calcium (Ca) 
0.7% sodium (Na) 
1.7% potassium (K) 
0.5% titanium (Ti)


<1% carbonates 
<1% sulfides 

E 558 Bentonite - montmorillonite 

Particle sizes of the clay mineral



Particle size μm <2 2 to 6.3 6.3 to 20 20-63 > 63
% 65 15 9 5 6

Particle size of raw clay DIN 18123 

Sales: GT essentials | Zähringen 12 | 89174 Altheim | Tel. +49 (0) 7340 213759 
Dealer requests are welcome 
GT essentials® is a registered trademark of Heike Groh 

Tom's comment 
If desired, now Mineral Healty as a pump bottle! 

Before the launch, GT essentials Mineral distributed healthy approximately 1200 free samples to interested shrimp owners and breeders. Among them were some selected shrimp breeders, who meticulously documented and reported the visible effects on shrimp and snails. 

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