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Shirakura Red Bee Sand 4kg
Pradžia / Krevetėms / Gruntas / Shirakura Red Bee Sand 4kg
Shirakura Red Bee Sand  4kg
Gamintojas: Shirakura
Prekės kodas: Shirakura Red Bee Sand
Prekė jau įsigijo: 2774 kartus
Ar turime: Sandėlyje
Kaina: 23.99€
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Shirakura Red Bee Sand - substrate (soil) was developed especially for breeding bee shrimps and has constantly been improved by Takayuki Shirakura in cooperation with its producer in oodles of attempts. The two, who have been friends for years, have made it their goal to achieve the best result possible for keeping and breeding bee shrimps.

This substrate, produced in a special procedure and composed of different types of burnt soil, boasts the characteristic of permanently lowering water values, which are important for breeding. Among those values are the water hardness (KH) and the pH-value. For breeding, a water hardness (KH) of 0-2 and a pH-value of less than 7 are desired in order to avoid the formation of ammonium is wished for. If the overall hardness (dGH) of these values is less than 5, it should be increased by adding » Liquid Mineral Ca+. Otherwise the shrimps may have problems with skinning.

Shirakura Red Bee Sand does not contain any fertilizer additives whatsoever and is therefore absolutely harmless for your shrimps. Its highly porous structure offers a large surface and therefore also habitat for the genesis of important microorganisms, which are particularly necessary for the development of baby shrimps (please see also » Chi Ebi - Babyfood). Particularly when using soil filters, Red Bee Sand offers optimum conditions for the biological cleaning and thus for best water quality.

Further advantages

  • reduces growth of algae
  • mosses grow greener
  • clearest water
  • natural optics, colour: black-brown

  • Note
    The substrate should not be rinsed before using it and you can immediately start setting up your aquarium.

    Recommended substrate height
    At least 4 cm

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