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Benibachi Black Soil Normal 5kg
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Benibachi Black Soil Normal 5kg
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Prekės kodas: Benibachi Black Soil Normal 5kg
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Benibachi Black Soil Normal 5kg

Black soil maintains a mild acidity (pH 6 ±0.5) in the water, creating a conducive living and breeding environment for CRS. It is capable of absorbing impurities, nitrate and phosphate in a newly set up tank thus allowing the soil to clear up overnight quickly. With the added Fulvic Grains it adjusts water to a soothing parameter of 6~6.5 Ph and 4 GH for crystal bee shrimp. It increases activity of shrimp, improve plant growth, survival ratio of juvenile shrimps and higher success rate of breeding.

Please note, the parameters listed are the manufacturers guidelines. The final parameters in your aquarium when using one of the listed soils will depend greatly on the water you use to fill the aquarium.

The time required before adding shrimp to the tank is; Aged tank water after 3 days, New tap water that has been dechlorinated after 7 days.

Keep in mind that bacteria still need to grow to healthy numbers to prevent spikes in water parameters.

Introducing shrimp slowly is recommended.

Recommended Amount of Soil to use:

30cm cube tank…… 5 liters

45×30×30cm tank……7.5 liters

60×30×36cm tank……10 liters

90×45×45cm tank……22 liters

120×45×45cm tank… 30 liter

Above-mentioned amount will create a substrate with thickness of 5.5 – 6.0cm

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