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Platinum soil normal juodas
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Platinum soil normal juodas
Prekės kodas: Platinum soil normal juodas
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Japanese active substrate aquarium of natural soil, especially to the granular sintered porous structure with excellent filtration and sorption.
Substrate Platinum Soil allows for very decorative and impressive tank. The dark color of the substrate enhances green and red colors of the leaves and shoots of plants. The substrate is naturally governed by the parameters of the aquarium water by lowering the value of the parameters pH, GH and KH . Platinum Soil creates a soft, slightly acidic water, ideal for shrimp, freshwater fish and plants. Well suited as a substrate for shrimp farming. Contains large amounts of nutrients are released gradually and ensure sustainable growth for even the most demanding plants. The porous structure of the substrate makes it an excellent habitat supporting the development of nitrification bacteria. Removes the color of the water coming from the roots of ornamental placed in the aquarium. Thanks to the excellent filtration and sorption properties helps to maintain a stable, healthy, clean and crystalline water in the water tank.
Substrate Platinum Soil is available in two colors: black Platinum Soil black and dark brown Platinum Soil brown .

Do not rinse the substrate prior to use. Put the right amount of vehicle in the aquarium. It is good to moisten the substrate before planting plants and laying arrangement. Fill the tank slowly so as to avoid leaching of nutrients from the ground. After pouring water tank may be cloudy. The turbidity should disappear after a few hours with an efficient filtration. On the surface of the water surface can occur movie. There is no impact on water quality. It can be removed manually or by the circulation of the water.

Recommended quantities of substrate:
aquarium 35 liters of 6 - 8 liters of medium
aquarium 57 liters of 8 - 11 liters of medium
Aquarium 157 liters of 24 - 32 liters of medium

• rapidly crystallized water
• lowers and stabilizes the parameters of pH, GH, KH
• pore structure ideal for the development of nitrifying bacteria
• high content of nutrients for aquatic plants
• long service life of the substrate

Do not use Platinum Soil in combination with other substrates. Use only for freshwater aquariums for breeding ornamental fish and plants not intended for human consumption. Do not use filter cartridges and chemicals lowering the pH and KH . Otherwise, it may lead to an uncontrolled fall in the value of pH and KH. The product is not a cure for diseases of plants and fish. Packaging may cause asphyxiation. Keep away from children.

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