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Aqua Rebell Makro Basic Phosphat 500ml
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Aqua Rebell Makro Basic Phosphat 500ml
Prekės kodas: Aqua Rebell Makro Basic Phosphat 500ml
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In a strongly lit well-planted tank or in aquariums with few fish a lack of macronutrients may occur, which in turn can lead to poor plant growth. Makro Basic Phosphat adds the important macronutrient phosphate to your tank. Your plants can draw on plentiful resources again and will thank you with lush growth.

Weekly water changes of 25% to 50% are recommendable. The dosage can be raised or lowered depending on your requirements. If your tank water shows high readings of phosphate from the start, this fertilizer is not suitable for your aquarium, though. It has been designed to prevent the accumulation of large concentrations of macronutrients. If high levels of phosphate occur, please reduce the dosage.

The basic supply of macronutrients in a tank is provided either by our NPK fertilizer, our Estimative Index fertilizer or by our single-nutrient fertilizers (Makro Basic Nitrat, Phosphat and Kalium). Our aquatic plant fertilizer Aqua Rebell Makro Basic Phosphat is a very important component in our single-nutrient fertilizing system. It adds the essential nutrient phosphate to the aquarium and is also optimally suited for batch fertilization (larger fertilizer quantity given just once), for example after a waterchange. Phosphate is the trigger for waterplant growth and can be added specifically for increasing the growth rates of your plants. A decreased dosage of phosphate will help you limit these growth rates. Aqua Rebell Makro Basic Phosphat can of course be dosed daily, too. Aqua Rebell Makro Basic Phosphat is of utmost importance for healthy plant growth.


  • Comes in packages with a volume of 500 ml, 1,000 ml and 5 litres


Dosage per 50 litres
Lots of light (>0.5 Watt per litre) + CO2 1 ml per day
Little light (<0.5 Watt per litre) + CO2 0.5 ml per day
No CO2 supply 1?2 ml per week

This dosage suggestion is just a guideline. The dosage may have to be raised or lowered depending on the conditions in your tank in order to give you good results.

1 ml Makro Basic Phosphat per 50 litres of tank water adds the following nutrients:
PO4 0.10 mg/l
K 0.04 mg/l


PK-fertilizer - solution - 0,37+0,25
0,37% P2O5 water-soluble phosphate; 0,25% K2O water-soluble potassium oxide.
Net mass: 501 g (500 ml). Distributor: Aquasabi GmbH & Co. KG, D-38126 Braunschweig, Germany.


Conditioning agents: Methylparaben. Storage: Store at room temperature. Protect from frost and heat. Store out of reach of children and pets. Use: For fertilisation of ornamental plants in aquariums only. Readyto-use fertilizer solution. See pack for detailed dosage recommendations.
Note: Offical guidance recommendations take precedence.

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