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Aqua Rebell Makro Basic NPK 500ml
Pradžia / Aqua Rebell Makro Basic NPK 500ml
Aqua Rebell Makro Basic NPK 500ml
Prekės kodas: Aqua Rebell Makro Basic NPK 500ml
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In a strongly lit well-planted tank or in aquariums with few fish a lack of macronutrients may occur, which in turn can lead to poor plant growth. Makro Basic NPK adds the most important macronutrients of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium to your tank. Your plants can draw on plentiful resources again and will thank you with lush growth.

Weekly water changes of 25% to 50% are recommendable. The dosage can be raised or lowered depending on your requirements. If your tank water shows high readings of nitrate and/or phosphate from the start, this fertilizer is not suitable for your aquarium, though. It has been designed to prevent the accumulation of large concentrations of macronutrients. If high levels of nitrate and/or phosphate occur, please reduce the dosage.

The basic supply of macronutrients in a tank is provided either by our NPK fertilizer, our Estimative Index fertilizer or by our single-nutrient fertilizers (Makro Basic Nitrat, Phosphat and Kalium). Our waterplant fertilizer Aqua Rebell Makro Basic NPK adds nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and magnesium and thus covers all the essential macronutrients, providing your plants with the prerequsites for lush growth. This fertilizer has been designed to prevent the accumulation of large concentrations of macronutrients, as a rule, however, the daily dosage should just cover the daily amount the waterplants use. Our dosage suggestion is a good basis for determining the individual dosage in your tank. Especially when it comes to the fertilization with macronutrients, the user has to show some intiative and find out the suitable dosage as the supply of macronutrients depends a lot on the conditions in an individual tank - the number and kind of fish and the amounts of food they get.

When using this fertilizer, please keep in mind that besides NPK, a good micronutrient fertilizer is required complete iron fertilizer).


Dosage per 50 litres
Lots of light (>0.5 Watt per litre) + CO2 2 ml per day
Little light (<0.5 Watt per litre) + CO2 0.5 ml per day
No CO2 supply 2-4 ml per week

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